Patient Billing is an innovative medical billing agency developing technology that will help put the patient at the center.  We are led by a long term patient making us unique and the only agency in the industry in this position.  This is key as the conversations that we can have are very different based on the patient journey.  Our founder is also a trustee of a number of patient charities which clearly demonstrates the ethics that we hold.

Our collection process is ethical, whilst achieving some of the best collection rates in the industry.  We only charge a fee once the invoice has been paid or part paid; unlike other agencies we don’t believe on charging on invoices raised.

We have created new technology so that you understand and have an insight into your practice, stats updated daily.  Not only is this an iOS app but also a web based portal.  In addition it gives us the ability to send items securely such as clinic lists from you, and perhaps insurance correspondence from us to you.

Our company is highly experienced, whilst a newer company our staff have over 35 years worth of experience collectively. We hold unique relationships with the insurers to make sure we get the result that is mutually right for all.