Our Mission:

Innovative medical billing.


Patient Billing is an innovative medical billing agency developing technology that will help put the patient at the center.  We are led by a long term patient making us unique and the only agency in the industry in this position.  This is key as the conversations that we can have are very different based on the patient journey.  Our founder is also a trustee of a number of patient charities which clearly demonstrates the ethics that we hold.


Our Services


We take the responsibility for timely and accurate submission of your invoices; whether to the insurer, embassy, patient or other liable party. We deploy the latest technologies to apply electronic submission and collection methods to maximise efficiency, speed and optimise your cash flow. Our understanding of clinical coding and insurer rules and contracting approaches allow us to minimise delays in ensuring your invoice reaches its recipient accurately and securely.




Client Testimonials

November 2018

“Life is busy enough and it's a huge relief to be able to divert all billing queries to them and to know that they are chasing everything up on my behalf. They have collected over 99.99% of what I have billed. I can highly recommend using Patient Billing.”

Dr Jeremy Prout, MRCP FRCA FRCS, Consultant Anaesthetist, HCA Healthcare